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My Approach

My favorite intervention to use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  CBT is a therapeutic model that helps people manage their distressing thoughts and moods, while also changing their unhelpful behavioral patterns. This change is made through skill building and gaining effective strategies to replace the less helpful ones. Unlike more passive forms of therapy, CBT is an active and goal- oriented treatment. Because CBT is intended to be brief therapy, each session is focused on building specific skills aimed at reducing uncomfortable moods ( such as anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed) and negative thoughts ( " I'm not good enough", "I  can't handle this," " People always judge me,"). These healthy coping tools ( behaviors) are intended to help the client learn how  to respond to reduce their frequency, intensity, and duration.  CBT is a powerful approach to helping client reclaim their lives and to break unhealthy habits. If you are ready to make positive, lasting changes in your life, please give me a call and I am waiting to talk more about how I can help !

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